About Us

About Us

Executive Address
The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice for the student population at Georgia State University. The SGA is honored and privileged to have the opportunity to promote the interests of the students to the university community. We, the popularly elected representatives, accept our charge to maintain and improve the student experience at Georgia State University through policy rather than programming.

During this academic year, your Student Government will be working to expand our current traditions and also explore creating new meaningful ones. We will also be working on a commuter meal plan, internships database, decomposable utensils throughout our campus, magnify the “Organization of the Game” program, and much more.

The challenges and opportunities ahead are significant. Georgia Perimeter College will be consolidated with our university by the end of the academic year and Georgia State University will become the largest in the state. We will continue to expand our facilities with the opening of the new College of Law building at 85 Park Place this Fall, the construction of a new 1,100 bed residence and dining hall that will open in the Fall of 2016, and the construction of the 65,500 sq. ft. Science Park Phase II building, among other exciting endeavors.

As students, we must be engaged in the decision making process because we are all stakeholders. All students at Georgia State University are part of the Student Government Association and have the right to influence the way their student fees are being spent. In conclusion, your elected officials are always looking forward to hearing from you, please do not hesitate to contact them because we are here to listen and represent you.

President Sebastian Parra

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