Senate Standing Committees

Senate Standing Committees

The Student Government Association at Georgia State University believes that it is important to take an in-depth look at issues that are relevant to the student body, both in academics and in overall campus life. To accomplish this task, we have formed five internal committees which are comprised of an SGA Vice President (who serves as committee chair) and at least two Senators to review these issues in an efficient manner. These Senate Standing Committees are designed to allow for consideration of pending legislation and provide room for suggestions by you, the student.

Academic Affairs
Chair VP Karim Minkara
Senators  Johnnae Roberts,  Alexsandar Diaz,  Briana Harris,  Toni Le


Budget and Finance
Chair VP Corey Sams
Senators  Samuel Cole,  James Clearveau


Public Relations
Chair VP Camryn Bradley
Senators  Amythist Smith,  Ky Hayes,  Josiah Owens,  JuanDavid Ruiz


Student Services
Chair VP Teara Mayfield
Senators  Kyael Moss,  Beau Evans,  Nicholas Smith


Student Life
Chair VP Jovan Paige
Senators  Beau Evans,  Joe Clark,  Devin Griggs,  Nicholas Smith

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