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Organizations United
The purpose of the Organizations United (OU) funding process is to allow the SGA to support chartered student organizations and university departments in multiple areas of campus life through funding for events that promote cultural awareness, education development, community interaction for the students of Georgia Sate University, and program viability.

OU requests will be reviewed by the SGA President for approval of the amount of funds to be allocated. Official notification of approval will be given via e-mail by the SGA President to all organizations involved. Applicants cannot apply for the SGA Co-Sponsorship for the same event.

In order to be considered, an Organizations United Funding Application must be submitted at least six weeks prior to the event date.

Leadership Opportunities
The SGA is unique among the various groups on campus in several ways. Its annually elected members represent not a particular group, but the entire student body. The SGA is also unique in that it is an official partner in the operation and administration of the university.

The elected officers of the SGA are given the unique opportunity to serve as leaders at a premier urban research institution, that is, Georgia State. As leaders in the SGA, students become familiarized in parliamentarian procedure, operate and manage a large budget, and shape university policy.

For more information on how you can help serve the Georgia State student body, please visit the Get Involved section of our website.

Material Services
Although not a required part of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) mandate, the SGA does provide the student body with multiple material services. The SGA provides these free to students in order to assist them in their studies and set them up for academic success. These free services are available to all students and can be found in the SGA office.

Current Services Include:

  • Blue books for written tests and exams
  • Green scantrons for multiple choice tests
  • Toll-free and local faxes free of charge
  • Up to five color photocopies per day for individuals
  • Up to 25 color photocopies per day for chartered organizations

and the USA Today Collegiate Readership Program

Student Voice
It is the primary purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) to represent the students’ interests to the university and lobby on their behalf. The SGA provides a conduit for students to influence how the university operates by dealing directly with the staff and faculty of Georgia State. Moreover, the SGA selects the ten individuals who represent the students in the University Senate as voting members.

The SGA also appoints students to serve on numerous committees in the university. Some of these committees also deal with aspects of student life such as the Student Life and Development Committee and the Student Activity Fee Committee.  The Student Activity Fee Committee decides how funding is split up amongst the various fee councils, which are composed of Georgia State’s various student organizations. Some of these committees deal with the finances of the university, such as the Budget and Finance Committee and the Fiscal Advisory Council to the President.

University Information
Often, students are unsure on how a major research university operates. Considering the Student Government Association (SGA) is such an integral part of the university, the SGA has a great understanding of the internal workings of Georgia State. This allows the SGA to be able to inform the student body of many of the university’s processes.

The SGA is able to help concerned students by providing valuable information on university procedures and issues. These can range from something as simple as the location of certain offices, to the nature of student fees and tuition, to the structure and organization of the university.

Please fill out and submit a Student Feedback Form to your Vice President of Student Services now, and let us know how we can help!

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