Organizations United
The purpose of the Organizations United (OU) funding process is to allow the SGA to support chartered student organizations and university departments in multiple areas of campus life through funding for events that promote cultural awareness, education development, community interaction for the students of Georgia Sate University, and program viability.

Leadership Opportunities
The SGA is unique among the various groups on campus in several ways. Its annually elected members represent not a particular group, but the entire student body. The SGA is also unique in that it is an official partner in the operation and administration of the university.

Material Services
Although not a required part of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) mandate, the SGA does provide the student body with multiple material services. The SGA provides these free to students in order to assist them in their studies and set them up for academic success. These free services are available to all students and can be found in the SGA office.

Student Voice
It is the primary purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) to represent the students’ interests to the university and lobby on their behalf. The SGA provides a conduit for students to influence how the university operates by dealing directly with the staff and faculty of Georgia State. Moreover, the SGA selects the ten individuals who represent the students in the University Senate as voting members.

University Information
Often, students are unsure on how a major research university operates. Considering the Student Government Association (SGA) is such an integral part of the university, the SGA has a great understanding of the internal workings of Georgia State. This allows the SGA to be able to inform the student body of many of the university’s processes.

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