SGA Issues Mid-Year Report

Posted On March 8, 2018
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The university-wide executive committee (comprised of the president, six executive vice presidents and the Atlanta campus communications director) of the Student Government Association at Georgia State University is excited to update you on the inner working, initiatives, and highlights of our Fall 2017 semester while also emphasizing the goals we have for Spring 2018.

In this report, you will find an outlined presentation written by each Executive Vice President regarding initiatives on their campus of Georgia State University. The goals and ideas in each section were developed by each Cabinet member with the input of their campus SGA officers, advisor and university-wide president.

Executive Summary

President Corey Gray has been working hard to help the student body by working to update everything from the SGA’s bylaws to working with the City of Atlanta to take action against Sex Trafficking in Atlanta. He has also strived to connect Georgia State students and their representative body through a presidential newsletter, expanded office hours, mobile office hours, a cross-organizational “President’s Council” and a variety of other events and tabling times. Finally, he has worked to unite all of Georgia State’s campuses through decreasing event fees for Atlanta campus events and holding University Wide Senate meetings on other campuses. 

Alpharetta’s EVP  changed from Frederick Severtson to Mauricio Pereira over the winter break, but it didn’t change the main goals they have been working on to establish a better experience on the Alpharetta campus. They have focused on using SGA as a voice of advocacy for students. This has ramped up from filling the 8 vacancies for Alpharetta’s branch of student government to working with campus leaders to fix logistical issues on campus and build out a series of events for students to attend on campus.  

Atlanta’s EVP Yann Mondon has also focused on connecting the student body to the university administration and has worked as a liaison between the two groups. EVP Mondon has been working to increase dining options for vegan students, start a university-wide hygiene drive, and increase on-campus parking for students. His goals for the rest of the administration are to increase communication between SGA and the student body, work with the speaker of the Senate to fill vacant positions in the Senate, and build effective strategies for making executive board members more accessible to the student body.  

Clarkston’s EVP Christin Smith brought up a variety of issues to work on during the 88th administration. She has worked to improve  student life on Clarkston’s campus by increasing advocacy on financial aid and scholarship resource awareness, transportation options, implementation of the new Campus Carry law,  recycling efforts, and collaborating with the Panther Activities Council to hold a variety of events such as: the Involvement Fair, Welcome Week, Finals Week Giveaway, and Photos with Pounce. EVP Smith’s goals include building a strong SGA foundation for later administrations to build on, build the SGA brand, fill vacancies, and increase student advocacy.   

Decatur’s EVP Briana Stanley works hard to help students to achieve what they have come to college for: to better themselves. She has worked to increase career services and make it more accessible to all campuses. EVP Stanley’s platform has focused on campus safety, improving the technology on Decatur’s campus, and increasing class availability for all students. She also has worked to bridge the gap between different populations on campus through events such as International Day, and partnerships with organizations such as the Women’s Center of Decatur, Shoah Foundation, and Young Invincibles. The most important goal she hopes to achieve is to further the fight against sexual assault in and around Atlanta.  

Dunwoody’s EVP Jesse Calixte has been pushing to rebuild the trust of students on campus and establish a lasting connection where SGA can be the primary source of advocacy for students.. To achieve this, he coordinated “Ask Me” booths to assist students with any and all questions they have about Georgia State. He has also held an involvement fair, coffee corners, and is starting “News on Campus” to help students stay involved and informed about their campus. He hopes to continue the “Ask Me” booths, and coffee corners, as well as promote student involvement with the elections in the spring.  

Newton’s EVP Leah Oundo has five main focus areas to better SGA’s impact on campus. EVP Oundo hopes to restructure SGA’s meeting schedule to stay focused, goal-oriented, and help students get in touch with their representatives. She has also expanded senate engagement with pop-up events to learn the needs of the student body, and by hosting a club involvement fair. She hopes to expand volunteering opportunities on campus, promote on-campus clubs and organizations through recognition and create an omnibus questionnaire titled “You ask, and We Answer.” 

Finally, the Communications Director position, which has changed hands from Sara Moreno Duque to Sai Maddali over the winter break has worked to rebrand SGA on campus as a more involved and advocacy based organization. Communications Director Maddali has collaborated with PR and Marketing on an SGA promotional video which you may have seen, plans to build out an official advertising schedule and structure to help promote on-campus events, and has been working hard to increase the online social media presence of SGA and its events. Concurrently, Sai is also working to audit and fix the SGA website by working to fix broken links, fill out missing information, and make it more accessible to all visitors of the site.  

The full report is available as a pdf at 88th Administration Mid-Year Report.

An annual report will also be issued at the end of the Spring Semester.

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