SGA Passes Constitutional Referendum and Needs Student Input

Posted On March 3, 2021
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On Thursday, February 18, the University-Wide Senate of the Student Government Association (SGA) at Georgia State University voted unanimously to pass 91-USO-RQ-01 “A University-Wide Special Order to Place a Constitutional Referendum Before the Student Body.” The next step in this process is to publicize the Constitutional Referendum, its’ proposed amendments, and the date the vote will take place.

Section 1 changes the membership of SGA. Our previous language meant that only students who paid their respective student activity fees were considered members of our organization and had the ability to vote during SGA Elections. With this change, all students, regardless of them paying their student activity fee, will be a member of SGA and given the ability to vote in our elections.

Sections 2-5 moves the structure of our Executive and Legislative branch to the SGA Bylaws. With this change, SGA will be able to freely change its organizational structure to create a more efficient and effective organization without the need for a Constitutional Referendum. Legislation to change our structure will only require an amendment to our Bylaws and a majority vote in either our University-Wide or Campus Senates. This change will give SGA greater flexibility to reshape our organization to fit the interests of the Student Body.

Section 6 changes the wording in Article 9 – Constitutional Review, Section 9.1 Amendments, Section A from, “A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of a Campus Senate” to,” A two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of Senate.” This change will ensure that if SGA’s organizational structure changes we will not need to redefine which Senate can pass a Referendum in the future.

Section 7 changes how frequently a Constitutional Referendum can occur. It removes the language stating “spring semester ballot” and changes it to, “on a ballot.” This change will allow SGA to change its Constitution year-round to better meet the needs of the Student Body.

Section 8 updates the title of the position “Vice-President for Student Affairs” to, “Vice-President for Student Engagement and Programs.” This change will keep SGA consistent with changes in the University’s Administration.

Section 9 updates the language in Article — 13 Advisors, Section E from “Campus Senates” to, “Senates” and “Finance Directors” to, “Finance Director.” This change will give SGA greater flexibility to reshape our organization to fit the interests of the Student Body.

The student body will need to vote on this referendum which will be done via PIN.GSU.EDU on Wednesday, March 24, and Thursday, March 25.

If students have questions about the upcoming referendum, they can complete this form or email Because of the need for the referendum (which will determine which students are eligible to vote in the Spring elections), the Spring Elections are now scheduled to take place April 13 – 15.  Students interested in running for an elected position can email to get more information.

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