About Us


The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body at Georgia State University. The primary purpose of the SGA is to represent the students’ interests to the university and lobby on their behalf. The SGA provides a conduit for students to influence how the university operates by dealing directly with Georgia State staff and faculty. Moreover, the SGA selects the ten individuals who represent the students in the University Senate as voting members.

The SGA appoints students to serve on numerous committees in the university. Some of these committees deal with aspects of student life, such as the student life committee of the university senate and the student activity fee committees (Atlanta, Perimeter College-wide and Perimeter College campus specific). The Atlanta student activity fee committee decides how funding is divided among the various Atlanta campus fee councils. Perimeter College has a college-wide student activity fee committee and fee committees that are specific to each Perimeter College campus. Other committees deal with the finances of the university, planning and development, sustainability, admissions and standards, etc… Thus, committee members learn about financial aspects of the university and can share these with the rest of the student body.

Students may not be aware of how a major research university operates. As an integral part of the university, the SGA understands many of the internal workings of Georgia State and can inform the student body and concerned students about the procedures, structure, organization and issues within the university.

The SGA appreciates students’ feedback on how its members can better serve them. Students can complete the student feedback form and submit to the vice president of student services to let the SGA know how to help them.

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