Executive Address

My goal as Student Body President is to put students first.

Which is exactly what student government is all about; however, we have not been putting students first. This year marks my third year in Student Government and, each year, I have watched as we have become more comfortable with the status quo. As the esteemed civil rights leader Benjamin Mays once said, “The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency.” Members of Student Government, we have become complacent! We have failed to challenge the very ideas of student self-governance. We have failed to find innovative solutions to our most pressing issues. And, perhaps, most tragically we have fallen out of touch with the Student Body.

There are students on every campus whose voices have been forgotten and overlooked. During this administration, we will put an end to that and finally give students a platform to speak about their concerns. There are students who are still struggling to find a place to sleep at night, denied the fundamental right to access menstrual products, who want to get involved on campus but do not have the time nor the resources, who are concerned about sustainability, and those who are worried that parking and transportation are becoming a second thought rather than a first priority. In the midst of a Pandemic, those issues are not getting any easier to solve.

But keep your heads up because now is no time for despair. When staring down the path of a thousand-mile-journey one has two options: Turn away and reject the daunting task which lies before you, or you can take one step. Just one, single step. That is all a journey is. One step after the other. Senators, members of the 91st administration, I ask you today to take that step with me.

Let us learn from our past.

Let us fulfill our duties and responsibilities as representatives chosen by the Student Body. Let us all be knowledgeable about our bylaws and our constitution, learn Robert’s Rules, and be actively involved members of this organization. As Student Government representatives, we are students first and there will be times when we should focus on our academics. However, I have two requests. That is to be ready to devote your time to this organization and to give your undivided attention to the Student Body.

So, let us remember our purpose and let us aim to the future,
but let us never forget our past.
We are the Student Government Association of Georgia State University
and we will put students first
because the welfare of the Student Body requires it.

Kaelen Thomas
University-Wide President
91st Administration

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