Executive Address

Being elected president of the Student Government Association has been an exhilarating yet humbling experience, and I am eager to focus my attention on this distinguished position. The Student Government Association serves as the official forum for student views and ideas on matters of importance. Our main objective is to advocate student interests and needs to administration while also providing services we deem beneficial to students.

The Student Government Association provides opportunities for student engagement in university activities and serves as the student body’s servants. This entails prioritizing the interests of other students over our own, respecting their viewpoints, providing them with the help they require, involving them in decisions when appropriate, and cultivating a sense of community within our university. I have learned a lot about Georgia State University and other student experiences as a senator, and I can attest to the magnificence of Georgia State University based on my own experiences. Georgia State University boasts over 52,000 students and has one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. As Publilius Syrus said, “where there is unity, there is always victory.” This university’s unity among diversity has always made me feel at home and is an excellent example of how we can live as one and work together regardless of where we come from. As Student Government officers, I expect nothing less than maintaining our university’s practices and elevating them to new heights.

While many panthers are aware of the SGA’s existence, they do not understand what we do. One might argue this is because of a lack of interest or apathy among the student body. However, the problem stems from a lack of transparency. We must be significantly more proactive in informing the student body about our decisions and processes. We need to be more accessible to our constituents to create a more effective and transparent government. Let us promote citizenship by supporting democracy as a way of life, involving students in meaningful, purpose-driven activities, assisting each student in developing genuine regard for law and order appropriate to this democratic society, guiding each student in creating a sense of personal responsibility and earned self-respect, and honestly reflecting and interpreting the student viewpoint.

Finally, let us promote cultural values by instilling school loyalty, pride, patriotism, and individual student development by selecting projects and activities that seek to achieve
purposes that are significant in the life of the school community by providing students with deeper reasons to attend school and assisting each student in attaining maximum educational growth and development.

As Student Government officers, we must show the highest level of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and ethics and act according to how we talk to earn the right to be
accountable for the peaceful coexistence of students in the institution. As president of the Student Government Association, I want to see our university in a better situation than we left it, particularly regarding student-related concerns. Whether it’s a social problem or issue, or a physical enhancement to campus, let’s make the necessary changes and be the change we want to see in the world.

Anthonio Prince
93rd Administration

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