University-Wide Executive Committee

Authority and Responsibilities
The University-Wide Executive Committee shall:

  • Set the agenda for the University-Wide Senate Meeting.
  • Submit to the University-Wide Senate for approval nominations for the University-Wide Senate, University Senate Committees and Student Government Association (SGA) Committees in the event the president fails to make nominations during the time allotted.

The University-Wide Executive Committee shall be composed of the president, the executive vice presidents for each campus (six) and the Atlanta communications director (non-voting) as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws. For the 2021-2022 academic year, the members are:

Position Name
University-Wide President Brianna Bailey
Atlanta Communications Director Hermela Assefa
Atlanta Executive Vice President Queen Mufty-Raimi
Alpharetta Executive Vice President Vacant – apply here 
Clarkston Executive Vice President Vacant – apply here 
Decatur Executive Vice President Vacant – apply here 
Dunwoody Executive Vice President Michelle Martinez
Newton Executive Vice President Demari Freeman

The virtual office hours of the executive officers above are available on our contact us page.

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