This SGA Organization Chart for 21-22 illustrates the positions that are available and more information is listed in the first two tabs below. A recorded information session for students who are considering running for an elected position is available for Atlanta and Perimeter College students. It will share more about the duties and requirements of each position. Students interested in applying for one of the appointed positions (Communication Director or Finance Director (one per campus) or the Atlanta Senate Clerk can find out more at Appointed Positions.

Candidates must meet student leader requirements as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and follow the Election Code. Once the candidates’ eligibility to run for an office has been confirmed, they will be required to view a Mandatory Candidate Orientation and obtain a score of 80% on the post orientation quiz.

See the Election Timeline for a complete timeline of deadlines and events.

Available positions are listed in the first two tabs and information regarding the Election Commission Chair for each campus and the Chief Election Commissioner is listed in the third tab.

President Serves as the official representative of the student body in university matters and oversees the University-Wide Executive Committee (the six executive vice presidents and the Atlanta Communications Director).
Executive Vice President Administer and coordinate the duties of the Campus Executive Committee (speaker of the Senate, communications director, and finance director) in accordance with the SGA Constitution and Bylaws and the president’s requests.
Speaker of the Senate Serves as the speaker of the Senate, votes in cases of a tie in the Senate, and serves as a voting member of the Campus Executive Committee.
Finance Director
Not an elected position, but appointed by each campuses' executive vice president
Serves as the chair of SGA's Budget and Finance Committee and as a voting member of the Campus Executive Committee. See Appointed Positions for qualifications and responsibilities.
Communications Director
Not an elected position, but appointed by each campuses' executive vice president
Serves as the chair of SGA's Public Relations Committee and as a voting member of the Campus Executive Committee. The Atlanta Communications Director also serves on the University-Wide Executive Committee. See Appointed Positions for qualifications and responsibilities.

Senators are voting members of the Senate and make up the legislative branch of SGA. Senators serve on various University Senate and SGA Committees. Senators represent the following colleges and schools at Georgia State University:

  • Andrew Young School of Policy Studies (1 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate)
  • Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions (1 Undergraduate, 2 Graduate)
  • College of the Arts (2 Undergraduates)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (13 Undergraduate, 2 Graduate)
  • College of Education and Human Development (1 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate)
  • College of Law (2 Graduate)
  • J. Mack Robinson College of Business (6 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate)
  • Perimeter College (6 per campus, but only 10 total are appointed to serve on the University-wide Senate)
  • School of Public Health (1 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate)

Once elected as a senator from an academic college, Atlanta campus senators are nominated from within the Senate and elected to chair each of the following committees.

Academic Affairs Committee responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, faculty and course evaluations, degree program requirements and curriculum, academic standards, testing methods, academic advising and course selection, student access and success, student support services, academic policies and honor codes, University Libraries, Enrollment Services and other academic programs, services and policies offered through the Division of Academic Affairs and Provost.
Government & Community Affairs  Committee responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, civic engagement activities, interactions with Georgia State Government and  Community Affairs personnel, local and state representatives, and any other outside entity in concert with the SGA President.
Student Engagement Committee responsibilities shall include but are not limited to, residence life and housing, student media, leadership programs, development, student discipline, student health and wellness, students’ rights and civil liberties, and any other student programs, services, and policies offered through the Division of Student Affairs.
Student Services Committee responsibilities shall include but are not limited to, Student Center, parking and transportation services, University Information Technology, University Public Safety and Campus Police, Campus Services, budget and planning, plant operations and facilities, and any other administrative programs, services, and policies offered through the Division of Administration and Finance.

Perimeter campus senators (six per campus) are appointed by their respective executive vice presidents to chair one of the following committees:

Academic Affairs Work to build positive relationships with Academic Affairs faculty and staff. Educate and build student awareness about academic policies and procedures.
Government Affairs Coordinate voter registration drives fall, spring, and summer semesters. Educate and inform students on internal and external government issues relative to students. Build awareness about governmental processes that affect student access to higher education.
Spirit & Sustainability Coordinate opportunities for students to build school spirit and campus unity.
Clubs & Organizations Coordinate and preside over the Inter-Club Council (ICC) for recognized student organizations. Coordinate and host council meetings with clubs and organizations. Promote student success by providing opportunities for clubs and organizations to share event calendars. Provide pertinent information to clubs and organizations. Represent the interest of clubs and organizations to the Senate. Track club and organization events and attendance. Serve as a referral agent to clubs and organizations. Assist in the registration and renewal process of clubs and organizations.
Student Engagement Foster student success by implementing goals to resolve student concerns on campus. Construct, write and present resolutions of support for SGA initiatives. Create, administer and compile student satisfaction surveys. Host campus forums to probe and address student concerns. Work to foster positive relationships between students, faculty, staff, and administration.
Student Services Promote teamwork by building positive relationships between student services administrators, students, and staff. Educate and build student awareness about student services policies and procedures.

For election information, issues or concerns, please contact the Student Government Association office at 404-413-1600.

The Election Commission exists to supervise and regulate the SGA elections in accordance with the SGA Constitution. There is a University-Wide Election Commission, made up of the Election Commission Chairs from each campus, that oversees the presidential election.

Campus Title Name  SGA Affiliation
University-Wide Chief Election Commissioner
(Supervises the Presidential Election)
Sirrus Darr
Atlanta Chair Sirrus Darr
Atlanta Vice-Chair for Logistics Destani Stone Atlanta Senate Clerk
Atlanta Vice-Chair for Marketing Mayra Morales
Alpharetta Chair
Clarkston Chair
Decatur Chair
Dunwoody Chair
Newton Chair
University-Wide Volunteers Apply here to volunteer with the Spring Election.

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