Freshman & Transfer Liaisons

The freshmen and transfer liaisons are active volunteers within the Atlanta Campus SGA that serve the student body by participating in SGA activities and initiatives.

Freshman Head Liaison Kit Drummonds
Liaisons Nawour Khan Divya Shah Bri’a Smalls Peter Tilly TBA
Transfer Head Liaison Dominick Fabian
Liaisons Margenta Freeman Martinique Gideon Taylor Young Wanying Li TBA


  • Applications for freshman and transfer liaisons will be available by the first day of classes each fall semester on the Panther Involvement Network:
  • The speaker pro tempore is responsible for reviewing the applications and scheduling interviews with the top candidates based on their applications.
  • The speaker pro tempore and at least two other senators will conduct interviews and nominate six students for freshman liaison positions and six for transfer liaison positions at the next scheduled session of the Senate.
  • The Senate must confirm the liaisons with a simple majority vote; confirmations can be made as a block vote.

Authority and Responsibility

  • Serve as representatives of the freshmen and transfer communities respectively.
  • Seek student feedback and recommend solutions to student issues.
  • Provide a voice for freshmen, transfer students and the collective student body.
  • Advocate for student rights.
  • Attend regular Senate meetings.
  • Serve on a minimum of one standing committee.
  • Write legislation with a student senator as a sponsor.

Head Liaisons’ Selection
The selection process of head liaisons will be as follows:

  • The head liaisons shall be nominated by any voting member of SGA or the respective liaisons.
  • The nominated liaisons, upon their acceptance of the nomination, shall then be voted on by the respective SGA liaison group.
  • The nominated head liaisons shall be confirmed by a simple majority vote of the respective liaisons present.
  • The head liaisons are to submit reports to the Speaker Pro Tempore no later than three calendar days prior to a regularly scheduled senate meeting. The reports are to be read by the respective liaisons.
  • The failure to produce reports to the senate shall result in an administrative meeting with the speaker pro tempore.

Head Liaisons’ Authority and Responsibility

  • Collaborate with their respective liaison members and constituents to produce a report submitted to the SGA Senate at regularly scheduled senate meetings.
  • The reports shall seek to provide the senate with freshmen and transfer community consensus. The reports shall include comments, concerns, issues, and surveys specifically from those communities.
  • The speaker of the Senate may order special meetings with the head freshman and transfer liaisons when necessary or in the absence of the speaker pro tempore.


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