Vacant Position

Vacant Positions

The deadline to apply to serve in the 90th administration of SGA for the Spring 2020 term as well as to appear on the 2020 Spring Election Ballot to serve in the 2020-21 Administration was February 6.  Any vacancies in the 91st administration that remain after the formal election process will be filled by way of appointment.  The application form to fill EVP, Speaker of the Senate and Senator vacancies on all campuses will be open by no later than March 27, and will remain open until all positions are filled, with priority review starting April 9 so that they may be reviewed by the newly elected executive vice president (EVP) or speaker of the senate (speaker) for each campus and appointments will be submitted to each campus senate for confirmation at the first meeting that takes place immediately after Inauguration.  The application will be found on PIN in the SGA portal.

Any graduate and professional senator positions that are not filled by the first Atlanta campus senate meeting in Fall 2020 may be filled with an undergraduate or graduate student at that first fall meeting or soon thereafter.

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