Legislative Branch

Legislative Branch

The authority of the legislative branch of the SGA shall be vested in the SGA Senate, hereinafter referred to as the Senate.

Section 5.1 Composition
A. The members of the Senate shall be those students duly elected or appointed to the Senate according to this Constitution, its Amendments and Bylaws.
B. For the purpose of legislating at each of the campuses, there is a Campus Senate (presided over by the respective Speaker of the Senate) and a University-Wide Senate (presided over by the President of the SGA).
C. The presiding officers of the Campus Senates and University-Wide Senate only vote in the case of a tie.
D. If the SGA President is temporarily unable to preside over the University-Wide Senate, the President shall appoint a current Executive Vice President from the current existing Executive Vice Presidents to do so.
E. In the absence of the Speaker of the Senate, the Speaker Pro Tempore shall forfeit their voting privileges to facilitate the Campus Senate meeting. The Speaker Pro Tempore fulfills the Campus Senate responsibility of the Speaker of the Senate until the return or replacement of the Speaker of the Senate.
F. The Senate Speaker Pro Tempore shall be a Senator appointed and confirmed by a simple majority vote of the Senate, and is a voting member of the Senate.
G. All Senators shall have equal authority and equal vote as members of the Senate, with the exception of the Speaker or Speaker Pro Tempore, who shall vote only in the case of a tie.
H. The University-Wide Senate has 46 seats which are apportioned to the campuses, colleges and schools based on the previous fall enrollment, with each campus, college or school having at least two senators.
I. Each campus will designate the appropriate number of senators, based on the previous fall’s enrollment, to serve on the University-Wide Senate. A senate position at the campus level does not guarantee a position on the University-Wide Senate. J. The Atlanta Campus Senate is comprised of the elected senators, senate clerk and appointed liaisons currently enrolled at the Atlanta campus.

a. Freshman and Transfer Liaisons are non-voting members of the Senate. They are responsible for attending all scheduled meetings and are encouraged to attend the standing committee meetings of the SGA.

b. The Speaker Pro Tempore chairs a committee of at least two senators who will review and interview select applicants in order to make nominations for appointment to the Liaison positions to the Senate. The nominations require a two-thirds (⅔) affirmative vote of the Senate members present and take effect immediately upon approval.

c. The Atlanta Campus Senate Clerk is an individual outside of the Senate appointed by the Speaker of the Senate as a non-voting member.

K. The Perimeter Campus Senates are comprised of the elected Senators currently enrolled at the Perimeter Campuses and consist of the following members on each campus: a. The elected Speaker of the Senate and six elected/appointed Senators who will serve as the representatives of all students of their respective campuses. b. There shall be no more than seven voting representatives on the Senate.

L. The Communications Director on each campus is an individual appointed by each Executive Vice President to serve as a non-voting member of their respective Senates. The Communications Director will serve at the pleasure of the respective campus’ Executive Vice President.

a. For the Perimeter Campuses Senates, the Communications Director is responsible for tracking attendance, recording minutes and agendas of the Senate meetings, distributing any supportive materials to the Campus Senate and producing the Campus Senate Journal to be published on the SGA’s website.

b. For the Atlanta Campus, the Communications Director oversees the public relations and marketing efforts of the Atlanta campus and University-Wide SGA and also reports to the President.

M. The Finance Director is an individual appointed by each Executive Vice President to serve as a nonvoting member of the Senate, who is responsible for attending all scheduled meetings and providing budget updates to the Senate. The Finance Director will serve at the pleasure of the respective campus’ Executive Vice President.

N. The Parliamentarian is responsible for ensuring Senate procedures are conducted in accordance with the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order; maintaining decorum by removing unruly members and observers at the request of the Speaker of the Senate; carrying out the actions of enforcement of appropriate conduct at meetings and the Bylaws of the SGA.

a. The Parliamentarian is a non-voting member of the Senate and will serve at the pleasure of the Chief Justice.

b. For the Perimeter College Senates, the Finance Director will also serve as the Parliamentarian, a non-voting member of the Senate.

c. For the Atlanta Campus and University-Wide Senates, the Atlanta Campus Student Judicial Board (SJB) Liaisons, who are appointed by the Chief Justice, will serve as the Parliamentarian and shall provide the Senate updates on SJB activities and vice versa.

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