Senate Standing Committees

Senate Committees

Georgia State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) believes in the importance of taking an in-depth look at relevant issues faced by the student body, both academically and in their campus life. There are three Senate Standing committees: Academic Affairs, Student Life/Student Relations and Student Services. Each committee is comprised of a Chair, elected from within the Atlanta Senate and at least two senators from the Atlanta campus and 1 from each of the Perimeter Campus who review the relevant issues. These Senate Standing Committees are designed to allow consideration of pending legislation and student suggestions. In addition, the Atlanta Communications Director chairs a committee that includes the 5 Perimeter Communications Director and any interested students (including liaisons and SGA volunteers). Due to the separate Student Activity Fee Structures, the Atlanta Finance Director chairs a committee of Atlanta senators and any interested Atlanta students.


Academic Affairs
Chair Shareze Wright
Atlanta Senators TBA
Perimeter Senators Alpharetta – Vacant
Clarkston – Vacant
Decatur – Erica Jade Abdur-Rahim
Newton – Vacant
Student Services
Chair Jessica Seimer
Atlanta Senators TBA
Perimeter Senators Dunwoody – Abdallah Mansour
Decatur – Vacant
Clarkston – Vacant
Alpharetta – Vacant
Newton – Vacant
Student Engagement
Chair Mariah Johnson
Atlanta Senators TBA
Perimeter Senators Terrance Daniels
Abby Hawarneh
Coralie Libam
Chair Kalisha-Lourdy Lazare
Atlanta Senators TBA
Chair Naveen Bommakanti
Senators TBA


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