The Student Government Association (SGA) believes student organizations are major contributors to the healthy presence of students on campus. The purpose of the co-sponsorship process is to allow the SGA to support chartered student organizations through funding of up to $1,000 for events that promote cultural awareness, educational development and community interaction for the students of Georgia State University. Events must be co-sponsored by at least two Atlanta campus chartered student organizations (not including the SGA) to be eligible for funding.

Request forms must be completed in their entirety. Chartered student organizations must obtain their advisor’s approval before requests can be processed.

To allow adequate time for the SGA Student Life Committee review, as well as promotion of the event identifying the SGA as a co-sponsor, all applications for 2017-2018 must be submitted at least nine weeks prior to the event date in order to be considered. Late submissions and emailed or faxed requests will not be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Atlanta fee funded chartered student organizations. Chartered status will be verified by Leadership Development.
Each request is reviewed by the SGA Student Life Committee. They will determine what level of funding, if any, will be approved on a case-by-case basis by a majority vote. The monetary cap is $1,000.

Co-sponsorships will be granted on adherence to the purpose of co-sponsorship program (i.e., to promote cultural awareness, educational development and community interaction for the students of Georgia State University).

The following events will not be eligible for co-sponsorship through the SGA:

  • Events that are not open to the entire student body and/or charge admission.
  • Events involving services that other offices and/or departments already provide to the student body.
  • Events held off campus.
  • Events involving the service or sale of alcohol and/or illegal substances.
  • Conference attendance.

SGA will not be able to fund travel (i.e., bus, train, airfare) or any items outside of the following departments:

  • Catering (Sodexho or PantherDining)
  • University Bookstore
  • Creative Services
  • PawPrints (University Printing Services)
  • Computer Operations Center (Library South)

Providing ample details of the event’s expenses greatly enhances the organization’s chances of being approved. An itemized list should be included with the co-sponsorship application.

The SGA Student Life Committee chair will notify organizations that their application was received within two to five business days of its receipt.
The organization will be notified via email from the SGA Student Life Committee chair within two weeks acknowledging approval or denial of the request.
Yes. Organizations that would like to know why the request was denied and potential ways to strengthen the application can contact the SGA Student Life Committee chair. Participation in the appeals process does not guarantee funding; it only indicates that the request may be reconsidered.

Please note: Previously sponsored events are not guaranteed co-sponsorship for proceeding years.

Prior to the disbursement of any funds, the requester must contact the SGA Student Life Committee chair within three business days of notification of approval to schedule a meeting. The meeting will serve to coordinate approval for purchases and creation of marketing materials. The SGA administrative coordinator will facilitate the purchase of the approved items. The SGA advisor must be consulted prior to any purchases being made. Under no circumstance should an organization’s member spend their own personal funds without prior approval from the SGA advisor.

Georgia State is a tax-exempt institution and, thus, should not be charged sales tax. The SGA administrative coordinator will supply vendors with a tax-ID form.

The SGA administrative coordinator will process all financial transactions related to the expenditure of co-sponsorship funds. Student organizations must contact the SGA Student Life Committee chair within three business days of notification of approval to schedule a meeting with to discuss the purchases needed for the event. The SGA is unable to co-sponsor events that require reimbursements. Invoices not received within 30 days of the event date will no longer be eligible for co-sponsorship through the SGA.

Organizations that are awarded co-sponsorship funds will need to complete an SGA Co-sponsored Event follow-up form within five business days of your event. Failure to submit this form by the deadline will affect future requests.

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